What do you miss from France?

I’ve been always asked that’s question

Expat feeling maybe

So my answer....

Reading my Elle on Friday night with Mariage Frere tea: World can collapse itself, DO OT DISTURB ME F***

Shopping monthly (or weekly) at Comptoir, Sandro, Maje, Ba&Sh, and make angry  my banker

Monoprix, what a great French concept (do not laugh at me, I know you what you think about it)

Opera Ave by morning, noon, evening, night, I love so much this place

Vogue issues (not costing $16)

Drive along the seafront, for long hours, alone, with sunshine and music

Jap restaurant in Washington stret, my jap headquarters

Concord place, paved place, yes paved! Lights, cars, honks, the noooiiis, the heart of Paris

“Le Grand Journal”, Denisot, Yann, Yann, Yann

“Sentier des douaniers”, Binic, 4ever, one of my little paradise on this earth

Chanel nail polishes, €24

Tuileries Garden, 5.45PM, my seat, 2nd central fountain, in front of Concord and Arc of Triumph

Bjorg French vanilla soya milk

Parisian metro sound on leaving (yes, I am serious)

True carrots salad

L’édition speciale (yes, I am a big fan of Canal + channel)

Vendome, 6.30PM in August for wonderful pics

Nuxe products……. All their products

My SQUARE pillow

St Germain, on Friday night, rue de Buci, w/ friends

Telematin, 7AM with cynical William (no, I am not 70)

Amber and berries Dyptique candels

Guerlain perfume costing less than $215 (from now on, I get why so many tourists buy at least 5 perfume bottles during their trip)

Courcelles, Monceau on Sunday, next a brunch at “La Bastide Blanche” (the best in Paris)

Learning new streets names just to say, yes, I know them by heart (fortunately, Downtown exists in NYC) and street with painters and writers, and this typical blue

Rue du temple, le centre du Marais from dance classes

Repetto flat shoes, rue de la paix

No, I am not crazy, go living abroad ‘n U’ll get it!!!

Anyway, NYC is great


Scarfs, stoles & co

One of my favorite fashion accessorize, apart from bags, shoes and sunglasses (hum) are scarfs.

Easy to wear, a touch of colors in your look, to protect yourself from the cold, to convert it in belt

headband, bracelet,  bow on your purse: it a chameleon accessorize!

Thousands of possibilities

My favorites

Vintage - Episode, rue tiquetonne, Paris2
Comptoir des cotonniers s/s10, Paris
Massimo Dutti, Paris
Gift, Stuttgart
Zara, New York
Hermès, Paris

Vintage - Episode, rue tiquetonne, Paris 2



Yes, it is true, everybody can assert it.

When I have an idea, I am totally obsessed by it and I become totally stubborn (no, I am a stubborn girl I confess)

Last month it was burgundy shirt, I got it

Black ankle boots, I found them

Grey skirt, I bought it..

But desires are similar to a well without end, aren’t they?


Now I want a black cape coat (yes, I love so much black, it’s not a depressed color, it’s chic – nuance) 

with sunglasses it creates a beautiful figue, look Mary-Kate

“So 2010” I can hear you …. I don’t care!!

beautiful cut

 I want it, as much I want a grey dress, but with a boat collar, 

thick but not a lot, with a good length.


No demanding – that’s the difference

Fashion week Paris – 4th part


One of my favorite “maison”: Clare Waight Keller, succeeding to Hannah McGibbon, succeeded her 

interpretation of Chloe codes: freshness, femininity and modernity.

One of the major trend as for Clare: the pleated clothes, especially for long veiled skirts – in peach and 

beige hues, with this special fluidity in clothes – a feature belongs to Chloe figures.


Fashion week Paris – 3rd part


Karl has a gift to change Le Grand Palais and to make us travel through his inspiration.

As usual, such amazing show!  Seashells, hot waters, the little mermaid world appears!

Pale green, pearls, embroidery, glittered jackets remind us tortoiseshells of a mermaid, seashells 

embroidered on clutches, flowers and lace,  plastic transparency, pearly jackets, heels made with coral...

Plactic and jewelry what such a good idea!!

A wonderful world