J'adore Dior

We waited for it, and at least the new ad for J'adore Dior is broadcast, starring Charlize Theron, filmed in 

Hall of Mirrors of Château de Versailles in Paris.

The story: backstage, a model is in a rush cause she is starting the show; quite simple... but in Hall of 


Of course, the setting is dreamy, beautiful, but personally I prefer the former film, much more in Dior 

spirit - very chic and classy -  than this one. 

It's a little bit to much, isn't it?

Except the last 10 seconds which are really gorgeous.

And you, what do you think about it?



While Milano Fashion Week has begun on last Tuesday, London FN ended this week.


As I am addict to Burberry, and especially Burberry Prorsum, it sounds to be obvious to me to start 

with Chris (Christopher Bailey) and next, my favorites designers like Mulberry or Matthew Williamson

Revolution, for this ss12 collection, the fashion show was broadcasted on Twitter.

Once again, African atmosphere was there with its warn shades like burgundy, and purple, and deep 

greens or browns.

Very warm colors you can say, almost fw tones but we are in summer with boat neck tops and stylish 

summer dress.

What is quite new for the “maison” is the presence of printed fabrics, still with this African feeling

Matthew Williamson

Orange and brown, warm shades,

Loose top for a stylish look

You like it or not, next summer, ethnic print assert their presence everywhere! Long printed dress or 

like a detail on the collar of a tee

Favorite garment there: the shorts, the safari shorts


Maybe my favorite collection for this season!

I want 60’s hairstyle

I want nude colors, khalki, and pastel shades

I want long veils, leather and holidays sandals

I want fresh summer dress with embroidery or childish print style

I want elegance and chic,

I want a Mulberry wardrobe!

Credit: Vogue.fr

Fashion Coterie

Oh amazing week; so no time to post a lot but...

On Sept 18, 19 & 20 it was Fashion Coterie in NYC, one or maybe the biggest ready to wear trade 

show in the world !!

First time for me, and it was great ! I loved it ! Last year, at the same period I was in Porte de Versailles 

in Paris for the same type of trade show but, anyway…

Meeting designers, fashion buyers for worldwide department stores and boutiques, discovering new 

trends for s/s12 collection… just Amazing !

Below some pics just to share with you the trade show

 Garments, again and again (and also shoes, accessories of course, on different floors)

The kit to survive for 10 hours...



No it's no about the brand or whatever but just a little post dealing with one of my Favorite nail polish:

Lollipop, by Essie

Cheaper than in France, and easier to find out too in NY.

I am nail polish fan, or maybe crazy about it because I change all the times. Currently I am Faithful to 

Chanel nail polishes because they just create special and particular colors. 

But Lollipop by Essie, I think it is a perfect color cause it peps up a wide range of outfits, Shiny and 

Fashion at the same time

And you, what about your favorite nail polish color?

Credit: essie.com

Back to School

Yes, weather is getting cooler, sunshine are lighter, leave turned into deep red, orange and brown 

shades (like my nails^^),

so sorry girl but it is time to back to school....

But I am in internship so my back to school list is a little bit - no- very much nonconformist for a 


but usual for a fashion girl!!

So I want....

A Red Moleskine agenda

The new Chanel 19 poudré

A watch, my white one is broken

Black gloss Repetto flat shoes

The Marled Cardigan by Juicy Couture

A navy duffle coat

So Daddy, can you just lend me your debit card?^^

And you, what about your back to school / fall wishes?

credit: asos


Fashion week New York - part 2

Ok, let's be serious...

I just wan to sum up some major trends seen in NY for next summer...

Flowers, Africa, bright colors, embroideries, back and white...not a lot of change but, wait and see..

Band of Outsiders

Country style with 'Toile de Jouy' and flowers printed on long dresses

Preppy Touch with schoolgirls in blue, and white

Rock atmosphere, with.. leather. No kidding! For summertime? I'm not pretty sure...

BCBG Max Azria

Like always, perfect cuts for dresses, very chic without forgetting sobriety

Ethnic atmosphere like Pamela Love, with African printed fabrics, the "drape" and, like for fetherston, 

Graphism in orange and green create energy for these looks

Diane Von Furstenberg

"Beginnings"...it was the title chosen by DVF for her fashion show on September 11... a symbol

Nevertheless, her very chic collection was colorful, specially sunny colors like sunny yellow, orange, 

apple green, poppy red...

Like her collaegues, african style was one of the major points of this s/s12 collection, with a surprising 

boyish touch

Jason Wu

Romantic ambiance thanks to bunches of flowers

Close fitting outfits for a high-couture profile, creating a "lady allure"

Bright colors to illuminate grey and black shades...loving contrasts !

Marc Jacobs

WON-DER-FUL end like in a theater

20's time with fringe dress and shinning turbans to illuminate your hairstyle

Marc is THE best for mixing fabrics, and more than anything, plastic for next spring/summer season, 

creating a dynamic and fresh style.

Proenza Schouler

Amazing !! One of the most beautiful fashion show of this week!

I want West Coast, Surf, Hawaiian dresses for evening !!

Summertime, handcrafted Embroideries, brown and black shades mixed with bright colors to create a 

very Sophisticated look

All the trends for next season are there: colourful printed outfits, psychedelic patterns, and bright colors

credit: vogue.fr