Fashion week Paris – 1st part

Here we are! At least, my favorite fashion week, maybe because I Love living in Paris, such a beautiful city.


Marc is going to Dior? Mademoiselle Agnes hesitates about it. Phoebe Philo leaves Celine for Vuitton,  

Olivier Rousteing shows his first collection for Balmain, all the fashion world is disrupted.

From Balenciaga and its sharp cuts to Ricci and its romanticism or Balmain, my 3 favorites shows,  in 

this first part


Nicolas seems to travel to Japan or, more exactly, in the samurai time. As he usually does, the figure is 

sculptural, the cut and proportions perfectly mastered, all the more we are in a samurai mood.

Maybe a little bit highly specialized for some of us, and too much wintry no?

Remember, Cristobal defined an "allure" thanks to his wort on THE cut.


I want sunshine, I want to go to Costa Brava, I want toreadores !!

Olivier hears my wish!!!

 Olivier Rousteing succeeds to Christophe Decarnin. Back to Balmain basics for this spring summer 

collection thanks a mix between Elvis Presley style and Rodeo couture.

Gold! Gold! Gold!

Gold is everywhere, just to reflect sunshine. Mini skirts with paste, jackets with typical Balmain 


And to complete your look,  a ponytail to emphasize your allure.

My 1st favorite show

Favorite Look? The fifth one !! Especially the collar with this pearl grey tee

Nina Ricci

I've always loved Nina Ricci's talent.

Nina, Nina, Nina....No we are not in Black Swan anymore


these spring summer looks get such a ballet dancer allure

Wonderful show. As for Peter Copping, Black veil and unstructured shapes add style

Classy 60’s buns will be the 2012 hairstyle.




Black and white printed

Nude and pastel colors are essential

Bra and bolero is the new sexy suit…. to go to work? Maybe not

To go out? Maybe yes

Peter, you are a genius

My second favourite show !! 

Especially this first look: navy and black, always a good mix. Why so much people doubt about it??

And you, what about your favorite Parisian shows?

credit: elle.com

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