"Je vous l'interdis !"

Well, everybody knows I love history, so why not mixing my two hobbies fashion & history?

Here the first post about it, and especially about one of the most talented designer, Hubert de Givenchy 

and his muse and friend (and my fashion icon forever), Audrey Hepburn.

As you know, Audrey was faithful to Givenchy brand and her friend decided to create his second 

perfume dedicated to her in 1958

An enchanting fragrance: “A mix of violet, rose, jasmine, pepper, and clove with a wooded base note 

made of sandalwood, amber and incense” according to Audrey.

The design of this perfume bottle is plain and uncluttered, recalling to us Audrey’s style. Clearly, it 

embodies her personality between stylishness and “divine” femininity (as a matter of interest, “divine” 

was the favorite Audrey’s word who used it too much according to her friends – yes I confess I have 

watched all her movies and I read a lot about her, I am one of her biggest fan!)

It is nowadays one of the most mythical Givenchy perfume, even if you can’t buy it in any Sephora.

Just to finish this word, why it is called “L’interdit’?

Because of Audrey’s reaction when Hubert announced to her his plan to commercialized it: the legend says Audrey 

replied with her perfect French: “Mais c'est mon parfum, je vous l’interdis  (de le comercialiser)”

“This fragrance has been created especially for me, I ban you (to commercialize it)”

But the tue story is she really wants to commercialize it in order to her friends could enjoy it.

She accepted -without being paid- to pose for advertising by Richard Avedon and being, by this way, 

the first muse from the film industry in perfumery hisstory.

Whatever we can say about her, Audrey Hepburn was not only a discreet person, she was a discreet 

person but with character, and elegance like this fragrance

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