Yes, it is true, everybody can assert it.

When I have an idea, I am totally obsessed by it and I become totally stubborn (no, I am a stubborn girl I confess)

Last month it was burgundy shirt, I got it

Black ankle boots, I found them

Grey skirt, I bought it..

But desires are similar to a well without end, aren’t they?


Now I want a black cape coat (yes, I love so much black, it’s not a depressed color, it’s chic – nuance) 

with sunglasses it creates a beautiful figue, look Mary-Kate

“So 2010” I can hear you …. I don’t care!!

beautiful cut

 I want it, as much I want a grey dress, but with a boat collar, 

thick but not a lot, with a good length.


No demanding – that’s the difference

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  1. The capes are back for Fall 2011, so you're totally amazing for loving them again! I do love this I'm-in-charge-and-know-what-I-want vibe from Mary-Kate's look.