L’Occitane en Provence

Today I gonna to talk about a brand that I like so much...

 "L'Occitane en Provence"

I love it so much that I have already applied several times to work in their marketing department!


My favorite products is their famous hand cream, so moisturizing and smooth.

And I love especially they Limited edition Hibiscus flower, limited obviously.

But it is above all their amazing fragrances used into their products, my favorite are:

Almond in Almond Delicious Paste and milk concentrate, amber candles...everywhere, 

all the cherry blossom collection from body cream to shower gel and especially the shimmering lotion, 

so pretty!

orange blossom scent is also a real paradise on your skin

Plus the fig candles, the (former?) baby honey skin care...

Well, L'Occitane, I luv you!

But it is quite obvious for me because I like a lot all mediterranean scents, colors, flavors and knowing 

the core and the heart of the company is based in Provence, open adjust one of their skincare pot makes 

me travel in a sunny lavender field...

Anyway, last but not least, just to laugh a little bit, a video to hear how American people pronounce the 

word "L'Occitane"

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  1. This looks like a nice product. Maybe we'll try this one soon.

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