When do you realize you are a New Yorker?

Well, yes, it is true, next 4 months living in NYC, step by step,  I am turning to a real New Yorker… 

But Why?

Because of 4L of green tea in your Starbucks thermo, BlackBerry transplanted in my hand, sunglasses 

all the time…

Because you don’t take your time, always in a rush, always something to do/to discover/ to visit/ to 

buy/ to watch…

Because you cn follow one 2 intensive dance class with a crazy teacher from 7Pm to 10Pm without 

being tired/angry/feeling stiff

Because you live 3 evenings in one evening

Because the guy of the Duane Reade close to your home becomes to recognize you and chat with you

Because it is 2 am at Duane Reade, you just want a bottle of Evian and you have to stand in line

Because you know that, before taking a cab, you have to repeat at least 3 times your direction to the 

Paki driver

Because you can’t pinch the cab of the guy before you one 7th Ave (cf for big fans like me Samantha 

in her pink suit in  SATC), it’s not the done thing, “Hey Miss, I was gere before you & I am in a 

rush”..me too!!!

Because you can have several free drinks if you are with the right person...men are gentlemen

Because if you know THE contact, all is free, you don’t have to wait for come in at Lavo on Madison for instance

Because every Friday evening, you wait like the other at the nail bar close to your office for a manicure, 

and she will cut your nails whereas their length was perfect

Because the guy at The Standard Grill is so busy he forgets to make you pay your entrée

Because you refuse to shop at Macy’s: it is only for tourists, exclusively

Because you run like everybody on Saturday morning in Central Park

Because Brooklyn is so cool, there are flea markets everywhere nut you feel strange when you live 

YOUR island, even if it is just for 3 hours

Because you wait for 30 min, in the cold, on Sunday morning for the brunch at Café Gitane, after 

having tried in Alice’s  Tea Cup for 2 hours and oh what such a hope!! You have finally a seat…at the 


Because you avoid Times Square (TS for New Yorkers): any reason can force you to go there

Because you have to plan and to book at the Buddakan 3 days before, whereas you NEVER can plan 

anything in this city

Because you are so disappointed that everybody has already booked its seat to attend to The Nutcracker 

at Lincoln Center

Because you lose your metrocard everywhere and sometimes twice month: $104 the metrocard, it hurts

But above all, you feel like a true New Yorker when somebody ask for directions, and you can reply 

without any mistake: what a  personal satisfaction!

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