My Essie Collection

Well, I have to confess it, I am a big fan of nail polishes. Already when I was a little girl and my mother allowed me 

applying pale pink for a dinner with grown-ups, I was so happy !

Since, it has been an obsession, an addiction, insomuch I can change everyday the color of my nails, OMG, yes I am 

crazy, and hopefully for my wallet, I don’t go in a nails bar

Anyway, I looove Essie/ I like their colors and I benefit from being in NYC to buy them, just for $8, and because above 

all, you can't find them in France.

I am pretty sure I could get all the colors in one year!

Bright colors, long lasting effect, shiny. it is perfect, and much more than O.P.I as for me (even if they have pretty cool 

colors too), I think they are a little bit  doughy, even if their shades are maybe much more original.

Just to remind you of preservation: the best way is to pull them away in you fridge! Yes it will be a girly fridge but 


Here my collection (at the moment, I'll write another one in 6 months!)

Name of the shades:



lady like

peach daiquiri

 bachelorette bash

angora cardi


merino cool

So yes, in France = Chanel nail polishes, in NYC= Essie

And you, what is your favorite Essie color?

I've already replied to this question in this post

2 commentaires:

  1. Anne-C,
    tu peux revenir tranquillement en France, la collection Essie vient de sortir (disponible chez Monop pour 11€ !)
    J'espère que tout se passe bien pour toi à NY !

  2. je pense que c'est ma plus grosse motivation à partir vivre à NYC au semestre prochain, je ne suis pas en France, et ici en indonésie, on n'a pas la marque!!!! Je crois que c'est ue n des premières choses que j'acheterai là bas! Mais bien sur je compte bien refaire entiérement mon vanity à la mode new-yorkaise!