The Ugg problem

Well, once upon a time on a Saturday, October 30th, snow fell in New York City. 

It sounds like a fairy tale, isn't it??


I don't know what you think about it but, personally I hat snow in the city: everything slows down, or 

even stops, you can slide on the streets etc...

And in NYC, snowy weather appeals Ugg. For everybody.

Ok you can try to style them but I can't stand it, no seriously, it is shapeless, unstylish, snow boots that 

you are supposed to wear only during your mountain vacation...

But the worst is I had to spend $160 for something I hate... and I haven't worn yet!! They are still in 

their box, in my closet. 

Yes, Ugg are a big big deal for me

And you, you like it or you hate it?

credit: Ugg.com

1 commentaire:

  1. same here my dear..when winter comes i always go to the store and check on UGGS coz im buying them,but somehow when i get there it changes my mind everytime i try it on..i just couldnt spend a 160 dollars over something that totally doesnt look good on me at all.first of all,im 5 ft..wearing those ugly bear foot looking boots makes me look like 4"5.I know theyre warm and comfy inside but im not walking in the snow other than the parking lot and driveway anway..so i pass up those boots. i bought a riding boots instead :)