"Ok, we are on Monday, 8am, a cup of tea in one hand, the hairbrush in the other hand, some eyed 

circles because - for one more time - you went to bed too late yesterday.

Which dress? This black dress? The brown one? Oh but this printed one is very pretty too..

Hurry up, take one, you're in a rush.

Just slip on black sheer tights den 20 and......ahhhhhh

No way, it's over, your tights are torn !!! Great to start your day..."

Just, tell me, I am not the only one who have already lived that situation.....

But after being after being loyal to Dim tights so long, I've discovered German brand "Falke" and I 

have to confess, it has nothing to do with Dim.

You know, this brand you can see everywhere, from Vogue photoshoots to Gossip Girl...

German products are known for being very resistant and Falke tights is no exception, so it's just a 

delight - above all on Monday morning - to slip on them.

Original patterns and colours, great fabrics, I like it ( except the price, yes, a little bit expensive for 

tights, but the price of quality)

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