While Milano Fashion Week has begun on last Tuesday, London FN ended this week.


As I am addict to Burberry, and especially Burberry Prorsum, it sounds to be obvious to me to start 

with Chris (Christopher Bailey) and next, my favorites designers like Mulberry or Matthew Williamson

Revolution, for this ss12 collection, the fashion show was broadcasted on Twitter.

Once again, African atmosphere was there with its warn shades like burgundy, and purple, and deep 

greens or browns.

Very warm colors you can say, almost fw tones but we are in summer with boat neck tops and stylish 

summer dress.

What is quite new for the “maison” is the presence of printed fabrics, still with this African feeling

Matthew Williamson

Orange and brown, warm shades,

Loose top for a stylish look

You like it or not, next summer, ethnic print assert their presence everywhere! Long printed dress or 

like a detail on the collar of a tee

Favorite garment there: the shorts, the safari shorts


Maybe my favorite collection for this season!

I want 60’s hairstyle

I want nude colors, khalki, and pastel shades

I want long veils, leather and holidays sandals

I want fresh summer dress with embroidery or childish print style

I want elegance and chic,

I want a Mulberry wardrobe!

Credit: Vogue.fr

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