No it's no about the brand or whatever but just a little post dealing with one of my Favorite nail polish:

Lollipop, by Essie

Cheaper than in France, and easier to find out too in NY.

I am nail polish fan, or maybe crazy about it because I change all the times. Currently I am Faithful to 

Chanel nail polishes because they just create special and particular colors. 

But Lollipop by Essie, I think it is a perfect color cause it peps up a wide range of outfits, Shiny and 

Fashion at the same time

And you, what about your favorite nail polish color?

Credit: essie.com

3 commentaires:

  1. i absolutely adore red nail polish! it's actually my favorite color for makeup-nails, lips, everything!

    love your blog, i am following! hope you can follow mine, too!


    sorelle in style

  2. What a fantastic color!! It reminds me of a candy apple!